Veikkaus steps up responsible gambling efforts with new restrictions announced

Veikkaus announces new restrictions to promote responsible gambling
Image: Shutterstock

The Finnish gambling and lottery state monopoly Veikkaus Oy is taking an active approach in its efforts to promote responsible gambling with a new set of restrictions set to be implemented.

From September 1, the opening hours of its slot machines will be reduced, making them available only between 9am to 9pm.

Furthermore, Veikkaus will restrict the ability of the game menu on all decentralised slot machines from his date, including the slot machines placed in stores, service stations, kiosks and restaurants.

Additional restrictions see customers required to authenticate themselves before being able to see the game menu on screen and play.

“Veikkaus wants to offer people the option of shopping without the slot machines being open for playing,” commented Susanna Saikkonen, VP Sustainability.

“Veikkaus also wants to offer its customers the option of imposing a total self-ban on their playing of slot machines.

“Self-bans can be activated, for example, in Veikkaus’ online service or by contacting our customer service.”

This follows a recent survey, commissioned by Veikkaus from Taloustutkimus, which showed that 2.5% of the Finnish population suffers from problem gambling, with 21% of those believing that physical slot machines caused them difficulties to control their gambling.

But while steps have been taken to address this issue, including a reduction in the number of slot machines, problems arising from online casino games are now the biggest cause for concern.

“Authenticated gambling is the key to the self-control of gambling,” said Saikkonen. “It has been applied to slot machines, and it enables our customers to set, for example, limits and bans on their gambling.

“If they wish, our customers can block their gambling completely.

“Veikkaus is on its way to becoming a gambling company where all gambling takes place authenticated, both in the digital and the physical channel.”

Earlier this year, though, Veikkaus called on lawmakers to delay the introduction of mandatory identification checks of coupon games, including lotteries, citing a global shortage of components due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.