Jackpocket reports state-wide Q2 digital lottery growth as trio top revenue charts

Jackpocket reports state-wide digital lottery growth in Q2
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Jackpocket has released its Q2 2022 report about the state of digital lottery play, revealing an increase in play across the 12 states it operates in.

Currently, the third-party lottery app is active in Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington DC.

Of all these states, Ohio is enjoying the greatest amount of year-on-year digital lottery growth at 167.7%, while Arkansas is currently seeing the greatest amount of quarter-on-quarter growth at 19.2%.

In terms of lottery revenue, though, New York, Texas and New Jersey are still ranked highest, just as they were in Q2 2021.

“Quarter over quarter, we continue to see growth and opportunity in the digital lottery space,” said Jackpocket Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan.

The Jackpocket app’s Mega Millions & Powerball market share increased in all states where Jackpocket is active and we anticipate that trend to continue.

“Digital convenience is paramount for people these days, and Jackpocket is proud to provide a solution for existing lottery players and to introduce new players to this beloved form of entertainment.”

Jackpocket’s Mega Millions run this year saw the app reach record-breaking figures as it reached number one in the app charts, a feat Sullivan discussed with Lottery Daily earlier this month.

Meanwhile, the firm’s findings discovered the percentage of women playing the lottery digitally had decreased to 41.3% of its total since last quarter (Q1 2022: 42.5%).

Correspondingly, its total in Q2 was made up of 58.7% of men, up from 57.5% in Q1 2022.