HeadsUp set to launch ‘major’ African lottery operation under new subsidiary

HeadsUp Entertainment International
Image: Shutterstock

HeadsUp Entertainment International has agreed to launch and operate a ‘major’ lottery operation in the largest market on the African continent.

The deal has been undertaken by the management team of HeadsUp Ventures FZ UAE, a newly-created subsidiary formed after the closing of a major partnership agreement with MetaVerse Vision Group FZE LLC, UAE.

Metaverse Visions’ main principal Ola Lind has been a key figure in the global lottery and gaming business, securing multiple licences, and has been a 15 year associate of HeadsUp’s Chief Business Development Officer, Mark Hutchinson.

HeadsUp owns 49% of the shares of the new entity which has been positioned to ‘monitise numerous opportunities and contract under the strategic alignment of industry leaders’.

This latest lottery agreement in Africa, alongside other operations under the HeadsUp Ventures business portfolio, is expected to secure ‘substantial’ revenues as the company seeks to accelerate its plan to increase shareholder value while targeting the newest opportunities unfolding in the digital sector.

Earlier this month, HeadsUp outlined its corporate strategy with the ambition of becoming ‘the gaming, lottery and digital company of the future’.

The announcement noted that the company was set to complete a ‘major acquisition’ in the gaming software sector as part of a ‘major growth strategy’.