HeadsUp outlines corporate strategy in drive for ‘substantial’ revenues

HeadsUp Entertainment
Image: Shutterstock

HeadsUp Entertainment International has outlined its corporate strategy as the company steps up its efforts to generate “substantial” revenues as ‘the gaming, lottery and digital company of the future’.

Previously, HeadsUp announced it was set to close a ‘major acquisition’ in the gaming software sector as part of a ‘major growth strategy’.

The firm has now drafted its strategy on a series of acquisitions, mergers and strategic partnerships as part of a reverse triangular merger proposal to close multiple transactions.

HeadsUp has confirmed it is currently negotiating on eight independent transactions – with some in the closing process – for the consolidation and merger into a surviving entity branded as ‘HeadsUp Global Inc.’, which is set to apply for listing on NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations).

Mark Hutchinson, Chief Business Development Officer at HeadsUp, commented: “We are building the gaming, lottery and digital company of the future.

“The network of relationships, opportunities and emerging markets are greater than anything I have seen in the business, and I am proud to bring such value to this organisation.”

Hutchinson has been credited with a leading role in this process as a “legendary” figure in the global gaming and lottery sector.

According to HeadsUp, the upcoming mergers and acquisitions have been implemented in order to ‘minimise dilution’ and maximise shareholder value.

Doug Wilson, President and CEO, added: “The complex nature of the acquisition and merger strategy has been onerous and complicated, but we are pleased that we have built a financial model that will maximise our corporate finance structure and build a strong foundation for the many sectors we are operating in to generate substantial revenues.”

HeadsUp has issued a notice that full details of transactions will be completed and announced once they are finalised.