Camelot reaches 10-year best retailer satisfaction scores

Camelot has announced a retailer satisfaction rate of 75% for the first quarter of 2022, reaching a decade-long high
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Camelot has announced a retailer satisfaction rate of 75% for the first quarter of 2022, reaching a decade-long high.

Reaching the highest satisfaction rate since the London 2012 Olympic Games, 95% of National Lottery retailers surveyed were either satisfied or very satisfied with the level of service provided by the operator.

The current incumbent of the National Lottery licence has attributed this success to a strategic review undertaken in 2017 to assess its sales strategy moving forward. Camelot stated that this has led to four-and-a-half years of sales growth, with its sales force doubling in the same period. 

Meanwhile, Camelot invested £20m to improve the visibility of the National Lottery brand in its retail presence, enabling retail partners to ‘make the very most of having The National Lottery in their stores’.

One of the National Lottery retailers surveyed commented, “The best thing about working with Camelot is the turnover. Even during difficult times in the last two years, you can rely on The National Lottery to bring in a steady income for us, especially when we’ve been quiet.”

Last week it was reported that the operator had congratulated its retail partners for “demonstrating their ongoing commitment to responsibility”, following numerous ‘Operation 18’ visits to stores, following the increase in the legal lottery playing age from 16 to 18. 

Camelot’s Retail Director, Jenny Blogg, added: “Our 44,000 retail partners play an absolutely vital role as the face of The National Lottery for players in communities across the UK. So, it’s amazing to see that all of the initiatives we’ve introduced in recent years to make things better for our retail partners are paying off. It’s particularly impressive in light of the ongoing challenging conditions that retailers are experiencing.

“Our retail partners have shown so much dedication in driving National Lottery sales – and, in turn, returns to Good Causes – and even more so when the going got tough. We are incredibly thankful to them for their support and will continue to do everything we can to keep satisfaction levels high.”