EL suspends Russia and Belarus memberships in support of Ukraine

EL, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
Image: Shutterstock

The European State Lotteries and Toto Association (EL) has suspended the membership of its members in Russia and Belarus, as an act of solidarity to war-torn Ukraine.

In a public address, the EL voiced its condemnation of Russia’s ‘reasonless’ invasion of Ukraine, urging for a peaceful and ‘immediate’ end to the war.

“A true value of the EL membership is to stand united for the benefit of society,” an EL statement read.

“As Ukrainian society is under violent attack, EL and its members stand united against this war, call for peace, and share their solidarity with the EL members in Ukraine and the people of Ukraine.”

The EL also announced it was investigating the possibility of further humanitarian support for victims and refugees of the war.

In addition, the EL has recommended that its members cease taking bets on Russian and Belarusian teams and leagues.

This follows the movements of many lottery and gaming operators who have pledged their support to Ukraine and its people.

Earlier on Friday, Czech lottery operator Allwyn and and its parent company KKCG penned an open letter in which it condemned the “senseless” and “brutal” Russian invasion, offering humanitarian and financial support to Ukrainians.