Allwyn pledges support to Ukraine as lotteries announce fundraisers

Allwyn pledge Ukrainian support
Image: Shutterstock

Czech lottery operator Allwyn Entertainment has pledged its support to Ukraine as the war-torn country battles against Russian invasion.

Since February 24, Russia has deployed its military into neighbouring Ukraine under the orders of President Vladimir Putin.

In response, Allwyn Chair Robert Chvátal, alongside Karel Komarek, Chair of parent company KKCG, has penned an open letter in which the duo condemned Russia’s “senseless” and “brutal” actions.

Chvátal and Komarek have outlined how Allwyn and KKCG are supporting Ukrainian citizens, including the organisation of trucks equipped with food, sleeping bags and hygiene products, via the Komárek Family Foundation and its partner in Lviv.

The letter also read: “Allwyn Entertainment’s lotteries are raising funds for Red Cross and employees are being encouraged to engage in volunteer work. Humanitarian and financial support will continue as long as it is needed.”

One of the group’s Prague offices has also been converted into a safe centre for Ukrainian refugees.

“We recognise that these are only small acts in comparison to the thousands of brave Ukrainians who have taken up arms to defend their homeland and freedoms,” the letter concluded.

“However, we believe it’s the responsibility of anyone who values free and democratic values to play their part, no matter how big or small. It is critical that we all speak out.”