Trannel faces multi-million fine after Norwegian Lotteries Authority action

Image: Shutterstock

Trannel International Ltd faces a fine of NOK 437m (€43.2m) if it does not stop its ‘illegal gaming offer’ in Norway, according to the Norwegian Lotteries Authority.

The coercive daily fine of NOK 1.2m (€118,530) begins two weeks after a final decision has been made in the Oslo District Court in May 2022. It will only end if the illegal conditions cease, or when the maximum amount appears in Trannel’s annual gross profit, which is estimated at NOK 437m by the Norwegian Lotteries Authority.

The Kindred Group subsidiary, which operates Unibet, doesn’t possess the necessary permit to offer gambling in Norway, forcing the Norwegian Lotteries Authority to issue a cease and desist on 5 April, 2019.

That decision was met with resistance by Trannel, who launched an appeal to the Ministry of Culture and the Lottery board which was denied on 12 March, 2020, when the deadline for complying expired.

Atle Hamar, Director of the Lotteries and Foundations Authority, commented: “When a gambling company that operates illegally in Norway can earn NOK 437 million on its illegal activity within a year, we owe it to the Norwegian people to do what we can to stop the illegal activity.

“We take it seriously that the illegal gambling offer has not yet ended. Therefore, the Norwegian Lotteries Authority warns that we will now make a decision on a coercive fine, if Trannel does not stop offering illegal gambling in Norway.”

The Norwegian Lotteries Authority will consider waiving the fine if Trannel submit a written statement outlining exactly how they expect to comply with the decision.

Hamar added: “Six out of ten Norwegians do not know that gaming sites such as Unibet, Mariacasino, High Roller and Bingo offer their games illegally in Norway. We want to protect those who have problems with gambling and now hope Trannel chooses to comply with Norwegian law.”