Ohio Lottery raises $1.36bn for Lottery Profits Education Fund

The Ohio Lottery has announced its results for the end of the fiscal year which allowed $1.36bn (£949.2m) to be given to the Lottery Profits Education Fund.
Image source: Shutterstock

The Ohio Lottery has published its latest full-year results, revealing that  $1.36bn (£949.2m) was given to the Lottery Profits Education Fund

The group announced sales of $4.3bn (£3.14bn) in 2021 which usurped the previous year’s results by 24.9% despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. When adding on video lottery revenue onto traditional revenue, sales reached $5.5bn (£4.01bn). 

The extra revenue generated means the $1.3bn will help to support K through 12 vocational and special educational venues and programs across Ohio. The “Partners in Education” fund began in 2007 and recognises both teachers and students who excel across the state. 

Since 1974, Ohio Lottery has contributed over $27bn (£19.71bn) to local education funds and continues its commitment to giving away 100% of its profits to the community. 

The financial success of the Lottery is largely attributed to the success of its scratch-off category, which earned sales of $2.3bn (£1.68bn). Ohio Lottery claims that its enhanced use of data analytics helped to drive its scratch-off sales. Meanwhile, KENO sales rose to $577m (£421.14m), an increase of $138m (£100.71m) over the previous year. 

Pat McDonald, Ohio Lottery Director, commented: “This was one of the most unique years in history. I’m proud of our ability to adapt and achieve record success—awarding over $2.8bn in prizes and exceeding our commitment to education with our largest transfer in our 47-year history.”