Totalizator Sportowy’s Olgierd Cieślik appointed to second term on European Lotteries Executive Committee

Totalizator Sportowy has announced that Olgierd Cieślik has been appointed to a second term as a member of the European Lotteries Executive Committee.
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Poland’s National Lottery operator Totalizator Sportowy has announced that its President of the Management Board, Olgierd Cieślik, has been appointed to a second term as a member of the European Lotteries (EL) Executive Committee.

Cieślik’s appointment was voted in by representatives of the lottery organisation. The committee’s composition for the 2021-23 term of office, to which representatives of 11 national lotteries were appointed, was elected during the virtual EL General Assembly.

Commenting on his appointment, Cieślik said: “I am proud of the work we have done together with the members of the Executive Committee in 2019-2021. I am all the more pleased to be able to represent Totalizator Sportowy as the voice of the Polish lottery industry in the next term of office.

“It is important to work towards the development of our industry also at the international level. National lotteries are not only an integral part of the functioning of the economies of states but also an important patron of various areas of social life, which include strongly supported in Poland sport and culture.”

German lottery Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin’s Hansjörg Höltkemeier was also re-elected Chairman of the EL’s Executive Committee for another two-year term. Representatives of Finland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Slovenia lottery operators were also appointed to the committee.

Totalizator Sportowy recently took part in an EL webinar that discussed the challenge of keeping draw-based games relevant, attractive and entertaining in a technological advancing world.