European Lotteries conducts webinar on how to keep draw-based games relevant

European Lotteries recently conducted a webinar that discussed the challenge of keeping draw-based games relevant in a technological advancing world.
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Lottery organisation European Lotteries (EL) recently conducted a webinar, organised with the EL Data and Research Working Group, which discussed the challenge of keeping draw-based games (DBGs) relevant, attractive and entertaining in a technological advancing world.

The Data and Research webinar explored how DBGs can adapt with an ageing player base to new technological opportunities and increase gaming and entertainment competition.

Daria Bazydło-Egier, Project Manager/Strategy Office, Totalizator Sportowy, looked at the latest trends related to DBGs based on the figures collected for the EL Report 2019 and the most relevant marketing trends for lotteries in 2021.

Sazka’s Lottery Category Manager Hana Barochová provided a comprehensive presentation showcasing the benefits of players’ de-anonymization via registration to online and retail loyalty programs and the appropriate communication channels to keep player engagement high. Other topics discussed were changing consumer habits and the duty of every company to adapt to those trends.

Gregory Maes, Head of Strategy & Change Management, Loterie Nationale examined how its lottery focused on revitalising its drawing process. Maes noted a recent move for its draw to a modern Brussels studio has led to improved lottery public perception and attracting interest from a whole new group of players, bringing back emotion and spectacle to the event, as well as re-emphasising the lottery’s social dimension.

Lotto Hessen’s Deputy Managing Director Alexander Sausmikat explained its lottery’s new DBG called GENAU (Together for nature and environment) whose benefits are fully directed to nature conservation projects. The grand prize winner decides which environment protection project receives the good causes funding. Since 2016, more than 260 projects have been awarded nearly €1.3m.

Finally, Milán Zieger, DBG Manager, Szerencsejáték Zrt presented a new concept of dynamic DBG, currently in the approval process by the Hungarian regulator. Based on daily draws, the new game features more winning chances for the player, including the option for players to choose different play strategies, keeping the player engaged and entertained.

The DBGs webinar was the third of a series of five Data & Research Working Group webinars to take place in 2021 covering various aspects of lotteries operations. The next webinar focusing on Online Growth will take place on September 30, 2021.

Last month, the EL, the World Lottery Association (WLA), and the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) hosted a webinar that looked at how lotteries have adapted their marketing strategies in innovative ways, not only as a response to the past year’s operational challenges but also to changing needs and player behaviour.