Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE) from Spain has registered a 1.03% decrease in sales of Lotería del Niño, compared to what it experienced in 2020. According to provisional data, the total turnover this year was €725m.

The figures shared by SELAE show that this is the first decline after five consecutive years of increases for El Niño, the second most important lottery in Spain after the Christmas draw.

The previous year, sales reached €732.6m, a 0.24% increase from 2019. Additionally, SELAE explained in a statement that the average spending per inhabitant on El Niño tickets was €15.28.

This week, SELAE also revealed that it has already distributed around €1.6bn in prizes for the Christmas Lottery.

The data shared with Europa Press shows that in the first two weeks after the draw, SELAE has already paid €804.6m in prizes equal to or greater than €2,000. It also awarded €824.5m in prizes smaller than €2,000 which are collected at points of sale, unlike the larger prizes that are collected at financial institutions.

SELAE recently announced that the turnover of the Christmas Lottery draw as of December 22 reached €2.5bn, which represents an 11% decline when compared to the levels experienced the previous year.

According to the lottery entity, the decline was due to the negative effects of the pandemic, and because of ‘the restrictions that have affected the points of sale, there are places where the usual participation wasn’t as expected.’