The Social Welfare and Assistance Department (DIBEN) from Paraguay, through its Head Carmen Alonso, has requested the local gambling regulator Conajzar to resolve the licensing process of the quiniela, as they need their contributions since 70% of their revenue comes from that modality.

Despite having awarded the license to lottery operator Technologies Development of Paraguay SA (TDP), Conajzar received a reconsideration request from Consorcio B-Gaming SA y Gambling SA to review the tender. The consortium raised questions regarding the evaluation process that led to TDP SA to obtain the license.

According to Alonso, the Paraguayan Senate has a December 1 deadline to elaborate its opinion on the process, which according to Conajzar President José Ortiz, has been carried out with transparency.

Alonso said, according to Ñanduti: “For us at DIBEN it’s urgent, our people need an answer. 70% of our revenue comes from the quiniela and it’s urgent and worrying, we don’t understand where some of the authorities stand [on this].”

Furthermore, Alonso explained that they receive around $140k per month in contributions, so the impact would be ‘immense’ if they stopped receiving that money.

She added: “We hope that this can be solved, we know that they’ve requested documents to the auditor general (CGR), and the prosecutor exhibited the same documentation and everything managed by Conajzar.”