Pollard Banknote Limited, through its subsidiary, Schafer Systems Inc, has been awarded a four-year contract from the Ohio Lottery Commission for its electronic, networked, and self-service lottery instant ticket vending machines (ITVM).

The Buckeye State lottery is the first lottery to deploy the Select 4 self-service lottery ITVM, only very recently made available by Schafer Systems.

Teresa Immel, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Schafer Systems said: “We are thrilled to build upon our successful partnership with the Ohio Lottery Commission by introducing the Select 4 Instant Ticket Vending Machine. Retailers from across the state will benefit from the convenience and added features offered by our Select 4 product.

“The customizable nature of the Select 4 units allows us to work closely with the lottery to ensure its design and function maximizes impact at retail while meeting the Lottery’s specific needs.”

Schafer Systems’ Select 4 instant ticket dispenser takes the best features of an ITVM and reduces its size, creating a product that facilitates sales of the lottery’s instant tickets in multi-lane retail environments, as well as in non-traditional retailers, such as bars, restaurants, and other similar retailers that have not typically offered instant tickets.

Schafer Systems partnered with its sister company Diamond Game to support the creation of this brand new-to-market product, with the latter providing ongoing software development and support as well as field service and product maintenance for the Select 4 dispensers.

The compact unit offers the familiarity of an ITVM with a digital interface designed to grab players’ attention. A digital touchscreen is positioned within the top of the unit, offering eye-catching ticket graphics and user-friendly screen prompts to guide self-serve purchases.

The unit, built to sit comfortably on a bar top, shelf, or optional stand or similar surface, holds four bins supporting 4” wide and between 2” to 12” long tickets, or a combination thereof, with each bin holding up to 300 fan-folded tickets. The exterior of the unit can be branded with the lottery’s logo and colors or customized to incorporate any other design the lottery envisions.