Romanian Lotto announces impending digital transformation

Having been founded in 1906, the Romanian Lottery has become the latest operator to digitise following the revelation that it will undergo a digital transformation and begin to offer online play for users. 

As it stands, those wanting to play the lottery in Romania were only able to through the use of special terminals that would validate the tickets, however, the government has now adopted a decision that changes the way the operator will function thus allowing for the online sale of lottery tickets. 

Due to this decision, players will now be able to choose the lucky numbers online and pay by card, a move which is expected to increase both the popularity and the demand for the lottery. 

A statement released by the Romanian Economy Ministry read: “This decision addresses the need to digitise the Romanian Lottery’s activity. It also completes the legislation in force that doesn’t cover situations such as restricting free movement and economic freedom as a result of emergencies such as a pandemic.”

The ministry also pointed out that technological innovations in recent years have resulted in constant international changes within industries, including the gambling industry. This has led the interest in digitisation and electronically organised gambling increasing significantly, which the Romanian lottery will now be looking to benefit from.