Denmark forms new cooperative agreement against blackmarket advertising

Danish gambling will be safeguarded against ‘unlicensed marketing threats’ by a new cooperative agreement formed by Gambling Authority Spillemyndigheden, Consumer Ombudsman Forbrugerombudsmanden and the Gambling Board of Spilreklamenævnet.

The three organisations will work together to strengthen their efforts against unlicensed operators targeting Danish consumers with illegal gambling offers.

As announced, a ‘cooperative ageement‘ has been formed “to avoid duplicating efforts and to enhance the overall regulation of gambling companies’ marketing in Denmark.”

The Gambling Board, Spilreklamenævnet, will monitor Danish gambling advertising and forward cases to the Consumer Ombudsman and the Gambling Authority if gambling operators do not comply with the board’s advertising code or infringe on advertising laws.

The Gambling Advertising Board will handle complaints about breaches of the industry’s code of conduct in gambling advertising. This code aims to enhance the industry’s social responsibility, protect vulnerable groups and children, and reduce gambling addiction.

Under the new framework, the Gambling Advertising Board will forward cases to the Consumer Ombudsman and the Gambling Authority when gambling operators do not follow the board’s guidelines or violate advertising laws.

Additionally, the Consumer Ombudsman and the Gambling Authority will guide complainants to the Gambling Advertising Board for issues related to breaches of the industry’s code of conduct that do not fall under their direct regulatory scope.

The Consumer Ombudsman ensures that gambling companies comply with the Marketing Act and other consumer protection regulations, promoting fair marketing practices.

Spillemyndigheden, in its remit as Gambling Authority supervises compliance with section 36, subsection 1 of the Gambling Act, covering the marketing of games and related sales promotion measures.

To maintain a robust regulatory environment, the three organisations will regularly share relevant case information and hold annual meetings to discuss and improve their collaborative efforts.

This strategic partnership aims to create a more streamlined and effective regulatory process, reducing the risk of unlicensed gambling activities and ensuring a safer gambling environment for Danish consumers.