Coljuegos puts forward plans for Green Lottery

Colombian lottery regulator Coljuegos has put forward a proposal for the creation of an Ibero-American lottery project to fight climate change.

As reported by SBC Noticias, the idea was proposed by Marco Emilio Hincapié, President of Coljuegos, at the eighth Ibero-American Summit of Games during a discussion titled “Where do games of luck and chance go in Colombia and Latin America?”

He commented: “We have presented our progress in terms of regulation. In addition, we have taken the opportunity to propose the creation of a large Ibero-American draw that allows us to guide the utilities to combat the effects of climate change.”

Hincapié further called for the establishment of a Latin American commission of regulators in order to nurture close collaboration on industry regulations, promote responsible gambling and fight against illegal betting in the region. 

“As a result of the Summit, we have committed ourselves to combating illegality in gambling in each of our countries. In addition, we will seek to agree on technological and regulatory strategies that allow us to have regulatory protection in Latin America,” the President of Coljuegos concluded.