SGWeek 2023 drives biggest coverage of safer gambling tools

The Betting & Gaming Council recently reported a significant increase in the reach of Safer Gambling Week, noting a 70% rise in promotional activities compared to the previous year. This surge resulted in over 50 million interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and another unnamed platform.

In its seventh iteration, Safer Gambling Week, held from November 13 to 19, continued its mission to unite the gambling sector in emphasizing available resources for players. The focus remains on helping players manage their gambling activities, offering advice, and fostering discussions about safer gambling practices among friends and family.

The campaign, coordinated by the Betting & Gaming Council, BACTA, and the Bingo Association, witnessed substantial engagement. The event’s website attracted half a million visitors during the week. It also garnered support from various senior MPs, peers from multiple parties, and endorsement from the UK Gambling Commission.

Social media engagement for this year’s Safer Gambling Week exceeded 50 million impressions, marking a substantial 70% increase from the nearly 30 million impressions recorded in 2022.

Michael Dugher, Chief Executive of BGC, praised the success of this year’s campaign. He highlighted its effectiveness in promoting safer gambling tools and directing those in need towards appropriate help and support. Dugher emphasized the campaign’s role in boosting the usage of safer gambling features, such as time-outs and deposit limits, which are unique to the regulated industry.

The significant rise in both social media impressions and website visits underscored the industry’s commitment to ensuring a safe and responsible gambling environment.

Safer Gambling Week also saw support from numerous football clubs across the country, including West Ham United, Brighton, Southampton, Middlesbrough, and Blackpool. Blackpool notably featured the campaign’s logo on their shirts during a game last weekend.

The week was also marked by various events, with speakers from safer gambling charities sharing insights and best practices for responsible gambling.

Dugher concluded by stressing that the impact of Safer Gambling Week extends beyond just raising awareness; it ensures that millions are better informed about safe and responsible gambling. He reiterated that the regulated industry’s dedication to safer gambling is a year-round commitment, not limited to just one week.