IGSA forms new Global RG Committee

The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA)has approved the formation of a Responsible Gaming Committee to “create a global standard, process and path for predictive responsible gaming”.

The IGSA’s RGC aims to offer support with the Responsible Gaming Maturity Model, a multi-tier framework providing operators and regulators with “a path from discovery to a highly quantifiable and predictable RG model”.

The model will ensure regulators and operators “can grow from implementing basic policy to managing a precise dashboard of KPIs generated from quantitative data”, before eventually embracing “the power of prediction and preventive detection”.

“The time has come to create a global standard, process and path for predictive responsible gaming,” stated Earle G Hall, Chair of IGSA.

“Regulators have done an incredible job of creating their individual approaches. It is now time to pull the best practices together into a journey from discovery to quantitative management.

“Moreover, it is time to shift the paradigm to a data-driven predictability model to remove the tremendous burden on regulators and operators. We are excited by the overwhelming response by our members, affiliates, and partners to be a part of this movement.”

All of the IGSA’s Board of Directors, who approved the RGC’s formation, will participate in and support the RGC, including Alan Feldman, a Distinguished Fellow at the UNLV International Gaming Institute and Chair Emeritus of the International Center for Responsible Gaming.