Brazilian state of Tocantins gets lottery green light in revenue push

Brazilian state of Tocantins gets lottery green light in revenue push
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The legislative assembly of the Brazilian state of Tocantins has authorised the regional government to grant and operate lottery services in all 139 cities.

As reported by AF Noticias, the authorisation was made yesterday, Dec 23, following a vote on a package of laws in congress.

The state first unveiled a bill to launch its own lottery back in October 2020.

Significantly, it has been acknowledged that a state lottery will create substantial revenue for Tocantins and its municipalities, with resources to be distributed in the medical and sport sectors.

Additionally, funds can be used for road infrastructure and investments in technology.

Breaking it down further, 10% of the proceeds from the state lottery service will be allocated to the State Treasury for the implementation of actions in sport; 15% for health actions; 15%, to the development of education; 5% for actions to fight and treat cancer in the state; 5% to investments in information technology services; 5% for Apae; and 45% to regulation by the state executive branch.

It was further noted that the proposal “foresees the authorisation of the exploitation of lottery modalities defined by the federal legislation of the capture of bets and ticket sales, in physical or virtual means, carried out within the limits of the state territory”.