Allwyn officially awarded fourth UK National Lottery licence

UKGC formally awards fourth UK National Lottery licence to Allwyn
Image: Shutterstock

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has formally awarded the fourth National Lottery licence to Allwyn.

The multi-national lottery operator was named as the preferred candidate for the fourth National Lottery licence in March, but an appeal against the decision from current incumbents Camelot delayed the transition period from commencing.

However, the Camelot hurdle has now been cleared after the firm opted to withdraw its legal appeal earlier this month, paving the way for an official handover of operations ahead of Allwyn’s start date in February 2024.

As a result, the Gambling Commission has now been able to enter into an Enabling Agreement with Allwyn, which means that the pan-European firm has been officially awarded the fourth National Lottery licence and the transition can begin.

Andrew Rhodes, UKGC CEO, commented: “We are pleased to have officially awarded the fourth licence to Allwyn following a highly successful competition and the court’s decision to lift the suspension on the award process.

“We now look forward to working with all parties to ensure a smooth and efficient handover.

“I am confident that Allwyn and the key changes for the fourth licence will maximise returns to good causes, promote innovation, deliver against our statutory duties, and ultimately protect the unique status of the National Lottery.”

Meetings have already started to take place between the UKGC, Allwyn and Camelot to ensure a smooth transition, with the Enabling Agreement providing the framework for the implementation of the fourth National Lottery licence.

The UKGC also noted a number of key changes for the fourth National Lottery licence.

These include a new incentive mechanism that ensures the licensee’s incentives and delivery are better aligned with contributions to good causes; a move to an outcomes-based approach, in line with best practice and the National Audit Office’s recommendations; greater flexibility for the licensee, allowing them to more rapidly, and effectively, adapt their offerings to reflect the changing world; a fixed 10-year licence, providing the licensee with a clear period for investment planning; and a retail charter to ensure the next licensee engages proactively with retailers when the fourth licence commences in February 2024.