Colorado Lottery celebrates record revenues in FY22 amid scratch ticket sales success

Colorado Lottery reveals FY2022 results
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The Colorado Lottery has revealed its results for the fiscal year 2022, reporting record sales of $826.9m.

This figure was aided hugely by its scratch game revenue of $590.3m, two and a half times the lottery’s combined jackpot games revenue, which totalled $236.6m.

$590.3m also represents a 3% increase from its FY2021 scratch game revenue, which has grown in each of the last five fiscal years.

Colorado Lotto+ also played a pivotal part in the lottery’s record revenue as it nearly doubled Mega Millions revenue in FY2022, partly due to the largest jackpot in its history in January ($25m). Revenue in this category was up 38.6% to $66.4m (FY2021: $47.9m).

“Other than a slight dip in 2020 due to the pandemic, the lottery has seen revenues rise every year for the past six years,” said Tom Seaver, Director of the Colorado Lottery.

“It’s a testament to our efforts to give players what they want in terms of games, promotions and access, all while operating responsibly.”

The Colorado Lottery also reached the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) cap early in April. In addition to the $73.1m to GOCO, the lottery will provide the Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) with $72.1m.

Meanwhile, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) will receive the usual 10% cut from the lottery, plus additional funding for its parks and wildlife cash funds, totaling $24.3m.

Building Excellent Schools Today‘s (BEST) spillover revenue was $9.3m.

Seaver added: “Hitting another sales record helps us maximise funds for our beneficiaries, which means more money for outdoor recreation, conservation, open spaces, schools and outdoor equity in Colorado – that is what we’re most proud of.”

The Colorado Lottery also increased the proceeds distribution for the new outdoor equity fund to $1.5m in FY2022, double the amount in FY2021. The fund recently identified 43 projects to receive funding to enhance access to the outdoors for underserved communities. 

Last year, the lottery launched a new online, interactive game and contest called ‘Trail Trekker’, which takes players to different locations across the state, funded by lottery proceeds.

65% of every dollar spent on lottery games goes back to Colorado Lottery winners and 21-24% to proceeds beneficiaries.

Lottery retailers receive an average of more than $19,000 every year selling Lottery products.

“The lottery’s record sales revenue, while simultaneously increasing its commitment to responsibility, demonstrates its dedication to player fun and safety,” said Department of Revenue Executive Director Mark Ferrandino.