Chinese lottery sales enjoy H1 boost despite June fall

Chinese lottery sales for June revealed
Image: Shutterstock

Data from the Ministry of Finance has revealed a significant hit to Chinese lottery ticket sales in June, though a more positive outlook has emerged over the first half of the year.

As reported by Macau Business, lottery ticket sales in China reached ¥31.98bn ($4.74bn) in June, a decrease of 7.6% year-on-year.

That figure is marginally higher than April, when the Ministry reported sales of ¥31.07bn, a YoY rise of 6.8%.

Lottery tickets sold to support the sports industry also suffered, posting a 19.2% fall YoY to ¥18.9bn ($2.79bn).

However, between January and June 2022, Chinese lottery ticket sales totalled ¥182.06bn ($26.91bn), an increase of 2% YoY.

Over the same period last year, sales amounted to nearly ¥178.44bn, involving ¥67.7bn of Welfare Lottery sales and ¥110.74bn of Sports Lottery sales.

Furthermore, sales of lottery tickets to support the welfare system came in at ¥13.08bn in June 2022 ($1.93bn), up 16.5% YoY (June 2021: ¥11.22bn).

Lottery sales brought in ¥117.32bn from the start of January to the end of April, a jump of 3.2% YoY

Under China’s lottery management rules, funds raised from ticket sales are used for administrative expenses, public welfare projects, and to fund prizes.