Pennsylvania Lottery posts year-on-year revenue decline for FY22

Pennsylvania Lottery issues FY2022 report
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Pennsylvania Lottery has announced its results for the Fiscal Year 2022, revealing its revenue has fallen by 8.2% year-on-year.

The lottery generated a record profit of $1.3bn in FY2021 but has reported a lower profit of $1.2bn in FY2022.

Total traditional game sales amounted to $5bn in FY2022, significantly aided by the success of its scratch-off games which generated $3.5bn.

However, that’s a 6.5% decrease from the $3.8bn scratch-off tickets games made during the previous fiscal year, which saw $5.2bn in total traditional game sales.

In total, the lottery’s game sales fell 5.5% YoY.

Total cost of sales in FY2022, including $259.9m in retailer commission, came in at $3.8bn for the Pennsylvania Lottery, down 5.7% from the previous year (FY2021: $4bn).

Its net operating revenue also declined by 7.2% to $1.1bn (FY2021: $1.2bn).

The report also included the organisation’s ilottery figures for the fiscal year, where a significant fall in revenue was recorded.

While its ilottery net gaming revenue stood at $84.7m in FY2021, the Pennsylvania Lottery only achieved $71m in FY2022, a decrease of 16.1%.