Thai GLO reacts to digital lottery ticket demand with 10 million pledge

Thai GLO announced increase in digital lottery tickets
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The Thai Government Lottery Office (GLO) will this month increase the number of lottery tickets available online by more than 10%, according to the Bangkok Post.

The local news outlet reports the decision was made public on Wednesday by GLO Chairman Lavaron Sangsnit, ahead of the next draw on September 1.

Previously, the number of online tickets available to buy online stood at 9.1 million. That figure will now rise to between 10.1-10.5 million.

The GLO invited around 3,000 lottery vendors to sign contracts to sell some of their quota online, in order to raise the number to that level.

Sangsnit also announced that buyers could buy each ticket at its official price of 80 baht to mitigate the issue of inflated lottery ticket prices on the street, which have been at the centre of  much controversy this year.

Problems have arisen over allegations that people under the age of 20 have been sold lottery tickets, which is outlawed in Thailand, while numerous arrests have been made in connection to the overpricing of tickets.

In a bid to combat this, the GLO has accelerated its plans to offer digital lottery tickets, which have proved extremely popular nationwide.

Its July 16 draw saw all of the 5.1 million tickets distributed through the Paotang app sell out in just over a day.

Meanwhile, 7.4 million out of the 9.1 million tickets available for the August 16 draw sold out within the first day of sale.

According to Sangsnit, the number of lottery tickets available online will be increased by 1-2 million tickets per draw until digital tickets remain available for 7-10 days for each draw, but the GLO will raise the number gradually to give enough time for conventional vendors to adapt.

Currently, the GLO issues 100 million lottery tickets per draw, but Sangsnit refused to be drawn on whether the organisation would eventually raise the number of digital tickets to 20 million as previously reported.

The GLO has also recently come under criticism from lottery retailers in the Loei region – the dispute arose over the prices of the tickets, with the vendors claiming they had to buy tickets from wholesalers at 92 baht, with those additional costs passed onto the consumer.