European Lotteries praises ‘innovation’ and reunification in its 2021 Annual Report

European Lotteries
Image: Shutterstock

European Lotteries (EL) has published its 2021 Annual Report, highlighting the organisation’s ongoing adaptability efforts and ‘inspiring innovations’ within the lottery community.

The overarching theme of ‘reconnect’ was unveiled as the new 2021-2023 Executive Committee work plan, with businesses looking to put the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic behind them.

Reacting to times of crisis experienced in recent times, the EL reflected: “There was the attitude to be flexible and agile, to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and to stand together, to help each other, and to work creatively and differently in unique circumstances.

“Lockdowns had differentiating effects on game verticals, and yet national lotteries continued providing regulated services to their players. EL members continued to uphold their history of society in times of need – from offering relief and welfare aid to providing medical supplies to the health care sector. 

“At the time of writing the 2021 EL Annual Report, another crisis has unfolded in front of our eyes – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Once again national lotteries continue to live up to their values from providing medical supplies to housing for Ukrainian refugees in this crisis situation.”

Among its highlights EL listed its smaller expert workshops, the EL virtual Corporate University and its webinars which reached worldwide audiences.

Additionally, EL held a ‘unique’ digital General Assembly, elected a new Executive Committee and re-elected the EL President.

EL’s statement continued: “EL found innovative ways to provide an even better service-orientated approach. The MyEL environment introduced an easy to access and understandable overview of the relevant EU dossiers as well as a new library of Europe-wide studies on the gambling sector and markets.”

Concluding its Annual Report, EL added: “In 2021 EL continued to monitor important legal issues from gambling advertising to taxation and members remained committed to providing continuous care to channelling the gambling desire of the population towards a regulated and responsible offer of gambling products.”