Pakistan government ponders lottery scheme in bid to beat bankruptcy fears

Pakistan lottery
Image: Shutterstock

A monthly lottery scheme is being considered by the Pakistan government as the country battles a financial crisis, according to Karachi-based publication Dawn.

The news outlet claims a source has informed them of the ‘out of the box’ proposal which has been suggested to the government by financial experts.

The money earned by the government through lottery schemes would be spent on development projects, including the installation of hospitals, training centres and subsidisation of essential items.

Reports suggest a task force is likely to be set up soon to examine the legal aspects of the scheme and evaluate its economic impact as Pakistan appears on the verge of bankruptcy.

It comes following similar schemes that have successfully operated in other parts of the world including the UK, US and UAE.

However, while a significant sum was generated in a similar scheme launched before the 1989 South Asian Federation (SAF) Games in Islamabad, it was discontinued after a number of religious scholars decreed the practice as ‘un-Islamic’, comparing it to gambling and betting.

Religious scholars are also likely to be consulted this time before the government takes any firm decision over the potential implementation of a monthly lottery scheme.

Meanwhile, financial experts believe the proposal would take care of the International Monetary Fund’s concerns that relief to the ‘common man’ should not be given through subsidies since it burdens the exchequer.