Incoming Maltese National Lottery operator unveils corporate rebrand

Maltese National Lottery
Image: Shutterstock

National Lottery plc, set to replace Maltco Lotteries as the next operator of the Maltese National Lottery, has unveiled its new lottery brand.

As reported by Malta Today, the IZI Group subsidiary has announced its plans to operate as National Lottery, a move the company says is “truly national and represents the Maltese and their deep-rooted connection with the National Lottery games”.

Franco De Gabriele, IZI Group Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are proud that after 18 years since the privatisation of the National Lottery of Malta in 2004, the lottery will be operated for the first time by a wholly owned Maltese company, whose mission is to provide the market with a service that is local, innovative and of the highest levels of quality.

“Our first decision was to re-establish ‘National Lottery’ as the corporate brand, restoring the name after a very long absence.

“This is the first step towards bringing back the national identity of this national concession, a service provided by the Maltese to the Maltese,” De Gabriele explained at a Mdina Ditch event on Wednesday.

The 10-year Maltese National Lottery contract was awarded to the firm last November following a €105m bid, with the operational change of hands set to take place on July 5 before the first Lotto draw on July 9.