Bluedragon Lottery faces revocation of licence as two million tickets seized in raid

Bluedragon Lottery
Image: Shutterstock

The Bluedragon Lottery has had its headquarters raided and two million lottery tickets seized by police amid overpricing allegations, according to the Bangkok Post.

The operation was launched following a police tip-off that the lottery had purchased more than two million tickets from the quotas allocated to officially licensed vendors.

Subsequently, these tickets were offered on its platform which distorted the lottery price mechanism and drove the price above the government-defined 80 baht figure.

While the investigation remains ongoing, the company’s lottery quota could be revoked if found guilty following the crackdown at its premises in the Pak Kret district of Nonthaburi, as well as its subsidiary in the Muang district of Loei.

The news is the latest lottery controversy in Thailand after three men were arrested in October 2021 following an investigation that uncovered the operation of illicit sales of government lottery tickets via two websites.

The Bluedragon platform, which was developed by 100 Stars, has been used as an online tool to help control the capital fund and promote the ticket sales of lottery vendors, while its marketing operations are overseen by the Wanmai Agency.

As reported by the Bangkok Post, the Bluedragon Lottery has defended itself against allegations of inflating ticket prices, via a statement on its Facebook account.