Svenska Spel welcomes probe into match-fixing and unlicensed operators

Spelinspektionen, the Swedish gambling inspectorate, has imposed IP bans and payment injunctions against 23 unlicensed operators judged to be illegally targeting the country’s regulated online gambling market
Image: Shutterstock

Svenska Spel, Sweden’s gambling regulator, is positive about a Government-led investigation that has proposed measures designed to tackle match-fixing and unlicensed operators.

The investigation, headed by Gunnar Larsson, contains measures against match-fixing which include a system for sharing information about suspected match-fixing. 

Other measures included in the investigation include the obligation for gaming companies to provide information to the Police Authority and the international exchange of information.

This follows the methods raised by Ludovico Clavi, President of the Global Lottery Monitoring System, which suggested that the ‘Italian Model’ of fighting match-fixing is to share information with domestic and international bodies to get on top of the phenomenon. 

Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO of Svenska Spel, commented: “Our first impression of the measures proposed against match-fixing is very positive. The investigation contains many of the measures we wanted, especially with regard to the introduction of a system for sharing information about suspected match-fixing. 

“The measures also give us the opportunity to further assist sports in the work against match-fixing through collaboration linked to illegal betting. Now it is important that the measures are implemented and become a reality for them to have an effect.”

In addition, the investigation has proposed measures to combat unlicensed gambling in Sweden, including giving regulatory bodies the power to block payments to unlicensed gambling operators.

Hofbauer added: “Even when it comes to the measures against unlicensed gambling, we are positive. This provides an opportunity for increased channelling in the Swedish gaming market, ie unlicensed operations will be shut down. Now we will read the investigation in its entirety and familiarize ourselves with the details.”