Scientific Games launches more einstant games with Hungarian Lottery Szerencsejáték

Scientific Games has announced the continued launch of ilottery games for Hungarian Lottery Szerencsejáték with additional einstant games being introduced.
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Scientific Games Corporation has announced the continued launch of ilottery games for Hungarian Lottery Szerencsejáték (Hungarian National Lottery) with additional einstant games being introduced.

Szerencsejáték Zrt is one of the fastest-growing lotteries in Europe. Through collaboration with Scientific Games, its digital sales have increased by 58% from 2018 to 2020 and its combined retail and digital sales have grown by 17% during the same period.

The firm also provides the lottery with a sports betting program, central gaming system and retail technology. Its global digital lottery footprint now comprises nearly 30 US and international lotteries.

Gergely Koppány, Director of Game Development and Strategy for Szerencsejáték Zrt, said: “Scientific Games is an important partner in our modernisation efforts. The launch of our einstant program last year has contributed to year-over-year growth.

“Our players are enjoying all of the new einstant games, and we look forward to offering additional games throughout 2021 as part of our future sustainability and growth.”

Blackjack is the top einstant game among Hungarian National Lottery players, as it is a 300 HUF digital version of the printed game sold at retail since 1995. The title features a bonus game with the opportunity to win 1,000 HUF instantly and it has contributed to more than 22% of einstant game sales and more than 19% of the lottery’s instant game revenue.

Pénzlift, a 500 HUF retail instant and einstant game, currently represents nearly 20% of instant game revenue.

Christian Kometer, Managing Director International Lottery Systems for Scientific Games, added: “We are excited to support Szerencsejáték’s modernization and financial goals with the continued launch of digital lottery games. Hungary is a great example of our retail and digital technologies successfully serving all game verticals including sports.

“Our agile gaming system and digital platform make it easy to continue adding a wide variety of new game entertainment for player enjoyment.”

Earlier this month, Scientific Games launched its online ilottery subscription program, Subscription Spot, with the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation.