Sisal Sans awards multi-year deal to Highlight Games

Sisal Sans, a joint Sisal and Demirören Holding venture, has awarded a multi-year contract to video virtual sports specialist Highlight Games Limited.
Image source: Shutterstock

Sisal Sans, a joint venture between Italy’s Sisal and Turkey’s Demirören Holding, has awarded a multi-year contract to London-based video virtual sports specialist Highlight Games Limited.

As detailed in the agreement, Highlight Games will supply games featuring real and exclusive archive football footage for use in Sisal Sans retail venues. Soccerbet, featuring Turkish League football under the branding ‘Serbest Vurus Pro’, is currently available in 650 Sisal Sans shops, with a rollout forecast to reach 2,000 venues by the end of Q2 2021.

Steven Holmes, Co-CEO of Highlight Games, said: “Highlight Games is proud to announce this transformative deal and to lead the way into Turkish National Lottery retail venues. We have built strong business relationships in Turkey over the past two years, and the fruition of this partnership with Sisal Sans is an exciting result.

“This deal signals a first for legal virtual sports on the Turkish mainland, built on the strength of performance of Highlight’s games in Sisal venues in Italy and Morocco and the differentiated product we can offer which is specifically tailored to the market with archive Turkish League football footage.

“I am confident that our lead football product will replicate the success of our Italian Serie A game in Italy, and I look forward to working with our partners in Turkey to bring additional products to market in the near future.”

Additional products from Highlight Games, including English and Italian football variants of Soccerbet and NBA Last 60, will be introduced later in the year.

Selim Ergün, CEO of Sisal Sans, added: “Sisal Sans is delighted to be partnering with Highlight Games to bring its unique portfolio of content to Turkish retail venues.

“Video virtual sports engage players like no other product in the virtual sports space and we are confident that our players in Turkey will respond to these games as they have in our Italian and Moroccan venues.”