Maltco Lotteries celebrates 16 years of partnership with GO Business

Maltco Lotteries is celebrating 16 years of partnership with GO Business, which has helped the Malta National Lottery operator with its online infrastructure.
Image source: Shutterstock

Maltco Lotteries is celebrating 16 years of partnership with GO Business, the mobile and networking solutions firm that has helped the operator of the Malta National Lottery design, build and maintain its online infrastructure.

Maltco works with GO to deploy connectivity between POS terminals at the operator’s retail agent sites, manage all connectivity between the company’s head office as well as with its parent company’s offices in Greece and other international third party providers.

Vasileios Kasiotakis, CEO of Maltco Lotteries, commented: “Our players expect the highest quality of service. We, therefore, needed a provider that could help us deliver this in a reliable and timely way. Our partnership with GO started 16 years ago. Throughout this time, they have consistently shown they understand our operations – and what we need as a business as we continue to evolve.

“The longer we work together, the more we understand how to overcome the challenges we face, as a team whilst our longstanding business relationship puts us in a position to offer advantageous offers for the benefit of agents and employees.”

To celebrate the 16-year partnership, the two parties have collaborated to offer a variety of special promotions for the operator’s employees and agents.

CEO of GO plc Nikhil Patil added: “As Malta’s largest investor in Malta’s digital infrastructure, we are very proud to be supporting Maltco on its incredible journey. Our investment has given us the required scale and expertise to help businesses such as Maltco, grow and deliver additional value to the Maltese community.

“This long-standing partnership has been mutually beneficial, we have learnt from each other and continue to grow together. We are honoured and feel privileged to be trusted to power such a complex operation, on which so many lives and livelihoods depend.”