GoldenRace announces ‘Rainbow Colours 49’ virtual lottery game

GoldenRace's ‘Rainbow Colours 49’ is a new engaging virtual lottery title based on randomly drawing 6 balls from a pool of 49 in four different colours.
Image source: Shutterstock

Game developer GoldenRace has announced a new virtual lottery title called ‘Rainbow Colours 49’, an engaging and vivid game based on randomly drawing 6 balls from a pool of 49 in four different colours.

The balls, numbered from 1 to 49, are split up into 16 green balls, 16 red balls, 16 blue balls and one black ball. The draw makes it possible to bet on colours as well as numbers, making this game highly entertaining due to the huge amount of betting markets.

Since the paytable has been customised to offer attractive and competitive prizes, Rainbow Colours 49 players can win up to 500,000 times their original bet.

The new virtual lottery game is the latest addition to GoldenRace’s portfolio of number games, such as Spin2Win, Keno, and Perfect 6.

GoldenRace’s CEO and Founder Martin Wachter said: “Rainbow Colours 49 is a very vivid and engaging game. It differs from the rest of our virtual games as this time players would be able to bet on colours, as well as in numbers.

“This offers a wider range of betting markets that, together with a fixed paytable, will bring players the possibility of winning up to 500,000 times their bets.”

Rainbow Colours 49’s viewer allows players to visualise the complete sequence of the game, seeing important information such as statistics, paytables, results, as well as the draw.

Operators can configure the game duration and other aspects in the back office thanks to GoldenRace’s retail solution. For retail, the minimum configuration of the game’s length will be set by default to two minutes, and the maximum will be six minutes.