Pollard Banknote re-adds Ms Pac-Man to its brand portfolio

Pollard Banknote Limited has announced that the iconic video game title Ms Pac-Man has re-joined its portfolio of licensed properties.
Image source: Shutterstock

Pollard Banknote Limited, a game provider for lotteries around the globe, has announced that the iconic video game title Ms Pac-Man has re-joined its portfolio of licensed properties.

Under license from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc, Ms Pac-Man will fit into the lottery partner’s retro collection which includes a selection of recognisable nostalgic brands including Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug.

Brad Thompson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pollard Banknote, said: “We are thrilled to re-introduce this strong female lead into the lottery market and know that lottery customers will eat up instant tickets featuring Ms Pac-Man like she ate up power-pellets in the original arcade classic.

“Lotteries throughout North America have achieved great success when combining Pollard Banknote’s licensed games iconography with our stunning ticket art and entertaining gameplay, and we are certain that the same will be true with instant tickets that feature Ms Pac-Man.”

Originally introduced in 1981, Ms Pac-Man is credited as the first female arcade game character and a key driver in the popularity of gaming among women.

The game’s simple and exciting play style contributed to the brand’s considerable success, eventually becoming the fourth highest-selling arcade game of all time and placing fifth on Time Magazine’s list of ‘The 50 Best Video Games of All Time’.

According to Pollard Banknote, Ms Pac-Man’s multi-generational appeal, especially among the 22 to 54-year-old demographic, and 90% brand recognition, makes an instant ticket featuring Ms Pac-Man ‘a perfect fit for any lottery’.

This is particularly true, it said, for the over-20 North American lotteries that have previously launched a Pac-Man ticket and were rewarded with above-average sales results.

The addition of Ms Pac-Man should lead to a rise in the prevalence of video game themes in the Pollard Banknote portfolio, given the announcement last month that the firm has partnered with Atari, one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and entertainment producers.