Texas Lottery on pace to break its record for total sales

Texas Lottery is on course to beat its $6.704bn total sales record set in the 2020 FY after exceeded its weekly sales record for the second consecutive week.
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The Texas Lottery has exceeded its weekly sales record for the second consecutive week, attaining more than $227m in total sales, setting it well on course to shatter its record of $6.704bn in total sales set during the 2020 fiscal year.

From January 17-23, 2021, weekly sales totaled $227,832,546, breaking the former record amount of $215,331,576 that was attained exactly one week earlier. Last week’s historic sales figure marked an increase of $102,385,709, or 81.6%, from the same period last fiscal year.

Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Lottery, said: “Driven in part by dueling jackpots for the multi-state Mega Millions and Powerball games during the first half of the week, along with the one-billion-dollar jackpot for Mega Millions last Friday, overall draw game sales for the week generated more than $97m.

“Combined with the second-best week ever of scratch ticket sales of more than $130m, we enjoyed our second consecutive record-breaking week for overall Texas Lottery sales. Most importantly, record sales lead to record revenue contributions to public education and veterans’ services in Texas.”

As of December 2020, the Texas Lottery Commission has transferred $506,352,614 to the state since the fiscal year began on September 1, an increase of $66,632.409, or 15.2%, over the same period a year earlier.

The lottery made a record total contribution of $1.684bn for public education and veterans’ services in Texas during FY 2020 and has generated more than $1bn in revenue for the state in each of the last 17 consecutive fiscal years.

Through the first 21 weeks of the 2021 fiscal year, the lottery has already generated more than $2.4bn in scratch ticket sales and it remains in a position to break its previous annual scratch ticket sales record of $5.556bn that was achieved in FY 2020.

Fueled by the largest simultaneous national jackpots since October 2018, draw sales to-date for FY 2021 total more than $692m, a 51% increase over the same period last year.