The Federación Nacional de Bancas de Loterías (Fenabanca), the national federation of lottery shops from the Dominican Republic, has asked President Luis Abinader to comply with the measures that he pledged to follow to improve lotteries when he was sworn in last year.

According to the President of Fenabanca Rubén Jiménez, he has held meetings with sector officials and talked to them on multiple occasions. However, he said that these measures are not enough to help with what the lottery businesses need.

Local media CDN reported that Jiménez detailed some of the problems they currently have, such as tax evasion, low sales due to the economic recession caused by the pandemic, operational restrictions because of the curfew in place and the implementation of old equipment to sell lottery tickets.

Additionally, Jiménez assured that during the pandemic, hundreds of shops have opened without permission. These shops also violate the minimum distance between lottery businesses, established by Decree 730-02.

The President of Fenabanca warned that if authorities don’t respond to these claims in the next few days, ‘we will find ourselves in the need to tale forceful actions and without flexibility’.

“We hold the authorities of the Ministry of Finance responsible for what may happen to Minister José Manuel Vicente and the Central Government,” he added.