The Union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) of Spain will be able to investigate suspicious lottery prizes, starting this year. The ministry will also tax the first two prizes of the Lotería del Niño, worth €200,000 and €75,000 respectively.

In a statement, Gestha explained that once the tax fraud prevention law comes into force, they will be able to investigate suspicious prizes.

This measure will allow the Tax Agency (AEAT) to immediately know what has been paid, identify the winner, the payment of the prize and the dates of when the bet was made and when the draw took place, among other things.

Gestha campaigned for a program that would allow them to investigate the increase in the collection of prizes, as well as the amounts paid.

According to official figures, different legal entities received €340m in prizes until October 2020, each worth more than €40,000. The Union believes that this will increase after the El Niño draw, which takes place this Wednesday, and that “they find no justification” for the increase.

Additionally, the winners of the first and second prizes will have to give a part of their earnings to the Ministry of Finance, although this won’t have any impact on the Personal Income Tax (IRPF).

“The amount of the prize is not included in the IRPF, although it does have to be included in the Wealth Tax if it reaches the regional minimum,” it clarified.