Tipos, Slovakia’s national lottery company, has announced it will end 2020 with a record turnover and the numbers will be made public at the start of next year.

The lottery stated it surpassed its year-round turnover of 2019 at the end of October, meaning it will end 2020 with record numbers, which it accredits to a more appropriately set link between sales and marketing, austerity measures, contract revisions and other management steps.

Tipos’ overall financial management, including profit quantification, will be made public by the company at the beginning of 2021.

Marek Kaňka, Tipos’ CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “Tipos surpassed the year-round turnover of the company last year at the end of October. While Tipos’ total revenues amounted to €540m for the whole of 2019, in the first ten months of 2020 alone, we increased them to almost €543m.

“We are extremely proud that, despite all the crisis events, we managed to make up for the losses at Tipos and even overcome the turnaround of last year. Tipos suffered significantly after the coronavirus erupted in the first quarter of 2020. The vast majority of our sales network was closed.

“However, we understand the need to adapt to the online environment and transfer our products to the online world. At the same time, we set up marketing more efficiently to sell our products. This has helped us greatly,” Kaňka concluded.