International Game Technology subsidiary IGT Global Solutions Corporation has signed a two-year contract extension with the Minnesota Lottery to continue providing instant ticket games and related services until June 30, 2022.

The firm, which has worked directly with the Minnesota Lottery to launch instant games since 2010, will supply a comprehensive range of instant ticket services. These include research and analytics, graphics support, and the production and printing of instant tickets. 

Earlier this year, the Lottery launched IGT’s Full of $500s at the $5 price point and Power $10 at the $10 price point. These games are currently the Lottery’s best-selling $5 and $10 games, respectively.

Wes Harms, Minnesota Lottery Director of Operations, commented: “Every time someone plays a Minnesota Lottery game, it generates funding to support Minnesota’s environment and state services so it is imperative that we deliver the fun games and play styles that our players are looking for.

“IGT’s Instant Ticket Services team helped us take the Full of $500s scratch game from a concept to a staple of our scratch game lineup. We are pleased that IGT will continue to help us provide the quality scratch games and licensed property games that our players want for the next two years.”

Jay Gendron, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Lottery, stated: “IGT has taken a multi-faceted approach to providing the Minnesota Lottery with successful instant tickets over the last 10 years.

“We take pride in working hand-in-hand with the Lottery to design entertaining games based on extensive research, game planning, and strategic marketing. We look forward to delivering these player-centric services and innovative content over the next two years as we continue to help ensure the Minnesota Lottery’s success.”