Caixa opens bidding process for online payment services

The national lottery operator from Brazil, Caixa Econômica Federal, is aiming to strengthen its online offering during the pandemic following a second quarter revenue decline.

The operator announced that it has opened the tender process to find a new online payment provider, which would allow the lottery to offer more options to its clients.

According to a statement from Caixa, shared by BNL Data, the Brazilian bank will receive proposals and documentation until September 2, while offers will be presented on September 3.

Once the evaluation process is complete, the operator will announce a new online lottery payment service, which is set to include credit card services and online lottery prize payments.

Caixa’s gaming vertical is going through some needed renovations as the Jair Bolsonaro government seeks to privatise the subsidiary. The contract with the online payment service will be valid for 12 months, with the expectation of changing its administration by 2021.

As stated by Pedro Guimarães, president of Caixa Econômica Federal, the intention is to privatize five subsidiaries of the bank by early 2021, while Caixa Seguradora would end up in the hands of a private company in October 2020.

In response to the news, the National Federation of Personnel Associations of Caixa Econômica Federal (Fenae) released a public statement against the privatisation. Employees want to draw public attention to the subject in order to highlight the importance of the public bank and the government’s real motives.