Buenos Aires lotteries set for immediate reopenings

As reported by SBCNoticias, the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLyC) of Buenos Aires has reported that Buenos Aires lottery agencies look set to reopen with immediate effect despite recent measures being taken by authorities that had forced closures in 35 municipalities.

Releasing a statement, the institute revealed that it will enable the betting of Quiniela and Quiniela Plus throughout the province of Buenos Aires, with all agencies now required to comply with the Safety, Hygiene and Health Protocol approved in resolution 68/2020 of the IPLyC.

It read: “In this way, Lottery enables the activity of the agencies of the 135 municipalities, complying with a strict security protocol, to accompany the measures announced by Governor Axel Kicillof in the new phase of intermittent quarantine.”

The agencies had originally been implemented with the view to becoming operational in June, however, following the decision to toughen the mandatory quarantine late last month, 35 municipalities were forced into closing their doors.

Given the impossibility of carrying out normal operations, the Chamber of Official Agents of Lottery and Related Buenos Aires (CAOLAB) last week asked that ‘urgent’ priority be given to the reopening of the agencies so as to prevent the proliferation of illegal gambling in the province of Buenos Aires.