EL/WLA seminar reinforces industry-wide push for responsibility & integrity

European Lotteries/World Lottery Association
Image: Shutterstock

Responsibility and integrity were key themes highlighted as lottery and sports betting professionals reconvened for the annual European Lotteries/World Lottery Association sports betting seminar this month.

On 16 May, following a number of remote EL and WLA events in 2020 and 2021, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, industry officials met to discuss a wide range of topics in Seville.

The seminar programme focused on ‘Running your Sportsbook’, with special attention given to ‘market trends, illegal betting, data rights, integrity and responsible practices’.

In total, three main challenges were identified by participants – the fight against illegal betting, to improve the betting and trading platform, and to develop the digital channel.

One of the contributors to the multi-day event was Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO of Loterie Romande (Switzerland), who delivered insight on ‘How to Market and Advertise Sport Betting Products in a more Responsible Way”.

As recounted on the European Lotteries website, there was an acknowledgement that regulated lotteries can still generate substantial GGR by marketing and advertising products in a responsible way, ensuring there are measures in place such as setting mandatory loss limits and delivering real-time information on losses to players.

There were also discussions on the digitalisation of the industry, particularly in light of the pandemic and how that has changed the way in which businesses, in this instance lotteries, operate.

In recent years, operators have explored multi-channel opportunities as well as new developments such as e-sports betting.

Sport integrity remained a relevant topic in the programme. Luca Esposito and Ludovico Calvi, as Secretary General and President of the Global Lottery Monitoring Service (GLMS), presented the GLMS actions on the prevention against illegal betting and its vision for the future. 

Esposito presented the work of GLMS and explained what happens behind the scenes, when investigating an integrity incident. He stressed the need for a united effort from many stakeholders in the face of the complex and often ‘transnational’ nature of match fixing.

Christian Kalb, Founder of CK Consulting and a recognised expert of the gaming and sports betting sector, also moderated a panel debate on the main topics of this year’s seminar theme – market trends, illegal betting, data rights, integrity & responsible practices.

Kalb noted that the worldwide sports betting market now represents between €60-70bn, including illegal betting.