Hoosier Lottery forecasts second-highest ever transfer to state

Hoosier Lottery
Image: Shutterstock

The Hoosier Lottery expects to send $340m to the state of Indiana this year, according to IPB News.

That would mark the lottery’s second-highest ever contribution, behind only last year’s effort of £375.5m during FY2021.

Aided by a big increase in ticket sales despite the COVID-pandemic, the lottery ‘shattered’ all expectations to record a rise of 23% ($71m) from the prior year.

This year’s transfer is expected to be lower, though it is still ahead of initial projections from 2021.

“We wanted to be a little careful about predicting that it would be just like that year before because so much, as we now know with supply chains, people’s behaviours have adjusted,” said Sarah Taylor, Executive Director of the Hoosier Lottery.

There are still two more months of revenue left to be tallied, with the final numbers set to be confirmed at the Commission’s next meeting in August.

The money supports teacher retirement as well as police and firefighter pensions, with $60m shared between them in 2021.

Additionally, it helps to reduce the licence plate fees Hoosiers pay at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Meanwhile, the lottery recently signalled its intention to pursue its ilottery proposal, despite recent pushback from Indiana lawmakers.