300 alerts raised as GLMS publishes Q1 2022 Monitoring & Intelligence Report

Image: Shutterstock

The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has published its Q1 2022 Monitoring & Intelligence Report, citing an ‘active’ first three months of the year.

The GLMS report includes an array of statistics detailing the amount of alerts and notifications that were generated, why they were generated, and the activities in each continent.

300 alerts and notifications were generated over Q1 of 2022, with the large majority (243) created pre-game. In-play odds changes accounted for 12, while 45 alerts were triggered after the conclusion of games.

Out of the 300 alerts and notifications, 14 were ranked ‘code red’, with five generated pre-match or in-play. Four of these ended as expected with the result confirming the suspicious odds movements.

The rest were divided up between green alerts (185), yellow alerts (65) and ‘others’ (36). The latter included requests for information provided by members and partners of the GLMS.

Team related news (112) was attributed as the most prominent reason for triggering the 300 notifications.

Europe (170) was the region that generated the most alerts, followed by Asia (61), South America (36), Africa (22), North America (9) and Oceania (1). Another alert detected was classified as ‘international’.

Football proved to be the most active with 176 alerts across the various continents, accounting for 47.5% (81) of Europe’s total.

Basketball (38) and Ice Hockey (33) were other significant figures in Europe.

According to the GLMS, 17 specific games were investigated and alerted to members and public and private stakeholder partners in Q1, based on ‘established agreements’.

The report also contains the GLMS’ main highlights in Q1, including its agreement with the IOC to combat competition manipulation.

Its work in ensuring the integrity of this year’s Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and Beijing Winter Olympics was also featured.