Sightline appoints J.P. Morgan Payments as primary processor for Play+

Sightline Payments, J.P. Morgan Payments
Image: Shutterstock

Sightline Payments has selected J.P. Morgan Payments as the primary merchant acquirer and payments processor for its Play+ Ecosystem.

The move will enable consumers to utilise more than 80 partners in over 40 states across the lottery, sports betting and racing sectors, as well as online and retail markets.

Omer Sattar, Co-CEO of Sightline, commented: “We are thrilled to select J.P. Morgan Payments to help us enhance the regulated North American gaming industry’s payments experience.

“We’re at a critical point in the gaming industry’s payments ecosystem. J.P. Morgan Payments will help us solve some of the biggest payments challenges our industry faces and provide real solutions to the millions of consumers who enjoy the modern, omnichannel gaming experience.”

Sightline has lauded the benefits of routing Play+ transactions via J.P. Payments, attributing the benefit of quicker cash outs to account holders and merchants.

“At J.P. Morgan Payments, we’ve seen tremendous growth of digital payments in the gaming industry and we’re excited that Sightline has selected our best in class products and services for Play+ payments processing,” added Drew Soinski, Managing Director and Senior Payments Executive, J.P. Morgan Payments.

Currently, Sightline boasts more than 1.5m account holders nationwide, and the company announced last year that its value had reached the $1bn mark.