Svenska Postkodlotteriet hails ‘substantial’ lottery contribution to non-profit firms

Svenska Postkodlotteriet
Image: Shutterstock

Svenska Postkodlotteriet has announced a “substantial” player contribution of more than SEK 1bn to 59 non-profit organisations, as reported by Novamedia.

In 2021, nearly one million Postcode Lottery players contributed, meaning 20% of Swedish households are lottery players.

Pertinently, around 20 of the charity partners work with Ukraine, with Anders Arbrandt and Eva Struving, Managing Directors of Svenska Postkodlotteriet, paying tribute to the war-torn country at the company’s annual charity event.

“[It’s] a special day for the Postcode Lottery, but with the war in Ukraine on our minds, it is also a day of mixed feelings,” said Struving.

“Emergency measures such as those we have seen in recent weeks are crucial, but the strength also lies in the long-term work,” added Arbrandt.

“These are organisations that were in place in Ukraine before the crisis, they are there during the crisis and they will be there after – it is very important to us and therefore our support is recurring year after year.”

The Laxhjalpen Foundation, which conducts homework assistance in socio-economically deprived areas, was also welcomed as a new partner, while six ‘innovative’ Dream Projects were awarded funding.

The Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF), with over 25 years of expertise in funding independent media outlets, also received financial support.

On behalf of the players of the Postcode Lotteries in Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands together, MDIF received a cheque of €3,223,200.

Majka Nemcova, Chief Operating Officer at MDIF, heralded it as “a welcome and very emotional moment in these dark days”.