Michigan Lottery raises over $1.4bn for schools in record-breaking FY21 

Michigan Lottery
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The Michigan Lottery has raised $1.42bn for the state’s schools in the fiscal year 2021, shattering its previous record by nearly $240m.

It marks the third consecutive year that the lottery has contributed more than $1bn to the School Aid Fund and its seventh consecutive record contribution.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer commented: “When Michiganders play to win, our students and schools win too. The Michigan Lottery’s record contribution to the School Aid Fund helps us keep kids safe and learning in-person, delivers critical funding to support K-12 programmes, and ensures every family has access to a high-quality, public education.

“The Lottery’s record-setting performances over the last seven years has helped us put Michigan students first. Together, we have closed the funding gap between schools, raised per-student funding, and improved school facilities, all without raising taxes. I am grateful to everyone who has made this substantial investment in our kids possible.”

In FY21, lottery retailers received a record $370.9m in commissions, an increase of $167.3m from FY15. The average payment to retailers in FY21 as a percentage of sales was 7.4%.

More than 10,000 locations in Michigan offer lottery products, ranging in size from independently-owned businesses to large chains. In FY21, 925 retailers sold $1m or more in lottery games.

The lottery’s record-breaking streak started in FY15 and its contribution to the School Aid Fund has increased by 78.5% over the previous six years, with $1.18bn contributed in FY20, $1.07bn in FY19, $941.2m in FY18, $924.1m in FY17, $888.9 million in FY16, and $795.5m in FY15.

Since 1972, the lottery has raised over $26bn for public education in Michigan. Approximately $7.2bn (28%) of that amount was raised over the last seven record-breaking years. Under state law, all profits from the lottery must go to the School Aid Fund.

In FY21, the lottery achieved more than $5bn in sales and more than $3.1bn in prizes to players. Record sales were driven in large part by instant games, a $1bn Mega Millions jackpot, and the lottery’s internet platform.

Lottery Commissioner Brian O Neill added: “Lottery purchases help support Michigan schools and businesses. These incredible results would not be possible without our players, retailers, vendors, the dedicated team at Lottery, and support across state government.”

For each dollar spent on a Michigan Lottery ticket in FY21, approximately $0.61 was paid to players as prizes, $0.28 to the School Aid fund, $0.09 to commissions and $0.02 funded the lottery’s operations and administrative costs.

Michigan was the first state lottery to receive certification of its online programme through the National Council on Problem Gambling and has also attained Responsible Gaming Verification through the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.