SELAE meets FENAMIX administration to discuss 2021 goals

FENAMIX, the Spanish federation for lottery and gambling points of sale, recently met with SELAE to present its new administration and to plan its 2021 goals.
Image source: Shutterstock

FENAMIX, the Spanish federation that represents lottery and gambling points of sale, met with SELAE’s authorities last week to present its new administration and to plan its goals for 2021.

The meeting featured the state lottery organisation’s President Jesus Huerta and the new FENAMIX team, led by Pep Vallori, who focused on the crisis that lotteries are facing due to the restrictions during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the federation highlighted the importance of controlling who enters lottery shops in order to avoid minors from being exposed to gambling and why having a self-exclusion registry is needed.

SELAE has confirmed to sellers that it has already submitted a proposal to generate self-regulation policies, as it believes that they’re important for the industry.

FENAMIX also shares its concerns about the Conmigo Online club because it believes that it is competing with physical lottery networks.

“It doesn’t make sense that our most frequent customers decide to play through SELAE’s website, or provide them with our point of sale number so that they designate us as a ‘friendly point’. The point of sale is losing part of the sales commission, the pay out commission and the possibility to sell our products, just like it happens in physical sales,” it argued.

The federation also proposed increasing commissions, limiting prize payments and also supported the benefits mentioned by SELAE, among other measures.