European Lotteries explores the relationship between lotteries and AI

The European Lotteries recently explored the relationship between lotteries and artificial intelligence (AI), examining the use of AI in lottery operations.
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Lottery umbrella organisation The European Lotteries recently conducted a webinar on the relationship between lotteries and artificial intelligence (AI), exploring the use of AI in lottery operations.

With European Lotteries working closely with its Data and Research group, one of the outcomes of the webinar on the use of AI was that lotteries should focus more on the use of AI in various parts of their operations.

Three keynote speakers who shared their different insight about AI included Szabolcs Bobor, CEO of Mito Digital in Hungary; Christopher Conroy, Chief Data Officer of Future Anthem in the UK; and Simo Dragicevic, Managing Director of Playtech Protect & Head of Playtech AI in the UK

The three keynotes highlighted the increased use of AI in all kinds of business activities. The main outcome of the event was, as customer experience is becoming more important in the dynamic online environment, lotteries should focus on making players’ online experience more entertaining, simpler, smoother and safer.

Bobor showcased the many different aspects of AI which can be applied across any customer-orientated organisation, illustrating this with an example of the online customer registration process optimisation.

Conroy focused on the approach to personalising the user experience, based on machine-learning and analysis of player behaviour, immediate player profiling and the real-time adaptation of the game offering to individual customers.

Dragicevic shined a light on the potential use of AI application in the player protection area, moving from the one-size-fits-all approach to the personalised scheme based on player gaming behaviour and risk profiling, with the aim of lottery to increase both player protection and driving sustainable growth at the same time.

The Data & Research webinar series carries on throughout 2021, focusing on various aspects of lotteries operations. The third webinar takes place on May 20, 2021, and will look at draw-based games and their rejuvenation.